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Monday, November 06, 2006


Hi there! I finally got kind of alive again. I was ill since 11th of October! Then I healed, got ill again, healed, ill, and so on. Doc took my blood, but everything seemed to be ok. Weird...
But this weekend I could finally go out again to party.
Had a wonderful time dancing. Sis and bro went along, my 3 bodyguards (White Wizard, John Coffey and of course my Scotty), and 2 of my sis's best friends.
We all started the evening with a huge coctail (had that fine Piña Colada wich was, by the way, my very first cocktail I ever drunk, I think I was around 16 or something), then we got to the cellars and claimed the dancefloor as our own!
As usual there were some nerds bothering us, but I got rid of them fast:
whenever I put on an angry face... :-P

And last but not least: some pics. ENJOY!!!

Me and my bodyguards

The whole party gang

Kissing Bro

Dancing with the bodyguards

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My Scotty and me

Yesterday was a good day.
Yesterday was one month
Scotty and Elf May
Indeed, we got together atlast. The Scott I suffered from for a whole year is finally mine. How about that??? :-P
We are so happy (duh) and we are a real team. So in love... And yes, my Scott is the Aragorn in our club, as you see in the pics.
When I told Morrigan about the 2 of us, she went completely nuts! We were rehearsing a show at the moment when I asked her: "By the way, you didn't notice anything yet...? O:-) " When everything has to be quiet for the rehearsal, she starts yelling and cheering, kissing and hugging me, jumping up and down! Lol! She was sooooooo happy for me. <-D
I love her!
So, there we are. This message will be send into the world for all my friends, all around the world, to read.
Scott and Elf May is a fact.
A Big Fact, as a matter of fact!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Found my way back

Indeed, I have found my way back to my very own Blog. Finally! I know.
1st of Oct we had, again, a show which was at Hélécine. It was in a castle, so how romantic is this: swordfighting, Elfes, Nazgûl, knights of Rohan, Aragorn, Orcs... all in one castle! Cool!
As usually I show you some pics.
And check it: in the 2nd show I died! :-D I had to fight against the Nazgûl and, unfortunatly, I was dead meat! But hey, I won the fight against our Aragorn, who, that day, played an Orc. Check out Morrigan peeping through the curtains! <-D After the big day we all went out for a small diner. So again: Namarië had a great time being together and we still stand strong! Keep up the spirit, people!

By the way: our next big show is at Ghent: FACTS 2006. Check the site.
Hope to welcome you there!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Red and Blue

Lol! I put in the text at this picture for fun, whereas I noticed that "Red and Blue" really sounded familier to me. Got updated by a friend and bingo! it exists indeed: it's a gaydiscotheque in Antwerp/Belgium!
On top of that I was wearing a gold coloured T-shirt and Aragorn wore a blue one. We wore each others haircolour!
What are the odds? <-D
So, here you got Lúthien and Aragorn doing some ad for the "Red and Blue"!

Nice duo??? :-P

Friday, September 15, 2006

Tolkien Day

I am back! The Tolkien Day was super! Had a fun training, John Coffey explaned all about the Elfish languages, they did a reading about "The Diary of Éowyn" (even with selfmade music!), the bbq was great and after we even went out dancing. Very cool! But: last but not least: the Lord spared us from rain or coldness! Great summerweather was ours all day. How blessed were we??
Had a lot of fun for my mother and my daughter were also there. (I don't put my daughter on the internet, so no pic of her ;) )

Enjoy the pictures, introducing to you some of the most known characters of The Lord of The Rings and The Silmarillion!

The one and only! ;-)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The one picture that says it all!

They finally got their motorcycle!

Check it out! My brothers finally bought their very own motorcycle! How cute are they??? :-D
They are as proud as a 7 year old who just got his favorite toy from Santa Claus. Lol!
But they should be proud indeed!

Waiting for the day I can get a ride from them. They really owe me one! (or two or three, or ...)

Monday, September 04, 2006

Having problems with Blogger

Finally I got on the part of the site again, where you edit your post for the blog! I don't know what's wrong with Blogger but all I get is the page to make a new blog. Very weird. And not fun at all, for my fans (lol) might think I don't do anything at all with my page. So not true. I check every day to edit here, but it just won't go.

Anyway, Elf is back in business now. School started again, so the party is going on as before! One of my friends (White Wizard) even passed by for lunch! So great! He made this especially for my blog:
Nice, hey? :-)

Training is also cool. This weekend we're doing a real Tolkien-Day, ow goody! ^^ With bbq, swordfighting, readings, ... I'm reading myself, héhé... Well, trying.
"The Aïnulindalë", The Music of the Aïnur from The Silmarillion. That's what I'm going to read. Such a wonderful part, ànd important, for it is the beginning of all. The beginning of The Silmarillion, The Hobbit ànd of The Lord of the Rings. Worth to read, mark my words.
A lot of my friends are also coming. All are very curious about the swordfighting. I'll have my very own fanclub behind me while fighting and reading Saturday! Haha!
After the Tolkien Day we might even go out and dance.
It will be a good day: partying with the swordfighters ànd my other friends. I am so blessed.

Hope Blogger will behave now and allowe me to post once in a while. If not: you know the reason.
Keep in touch!